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Project Research Pages: 50 Quantitative Percentage/Frequency 1-5 Chapters Abstract Available APA 7th Edition 48 Hours NGN 3,000

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Project Research Pages: 50 Quantitative Percentage/Frequency 1-5 Chapters NGN 3,000 Abstract Available APA 7th Edition 48 Hours








Teamwork is normally part and parcel of the job. Fundamental teamwork entails everybody working together in support of the enterprise and diverse types of team work where "work teams" may choose to work closely together to complete the project. Teamwork increases success by working together and collectively. It enables team members to include an own preparation for a project or job that maximizes the amount of work that the team is able to do and the amount of activities performed without further study. It's true that sometimes more minds perform best than just one (Okoh, 2006).Teamwork is the activities of individuals, together for a shared cause or purpose, who delegate the individual's needs to the group's need. Essentially, each person on the team has to work for organizational goals. We call coordination the relationship between the participants and their jobs. For the success of a company, effective coordination is important. As "no man is an island" a whole organization can be energized by the positive effects of productive teamwork and also the negative effect of a lack of team work. The right team membrane is an integral component in a successful teamwork.


Teamwork is as ancient as humanity. A large number of organisations, such as manufacturing, marketing systems etc, employ the word teamwork in one sense or another. A team may be referred to as a management team, a producing team or an organisation. Cook (1998) reported that there is growing agreement among scientists around the world that organisations should get people to work, but his super performance lies in achievement of fixed objectives by teams (teamwork). It is well-known that cooperation is not only the basis of good management, but the means to improve overall effectiveness of the organisation.The concept of teamwork is the workload is minimized and divided into work pieces for us to participate. Alan (2003) described the teamwork as a community of professionals whose participants work hard on their constructive synergy, shared responsibility and complementary expertise towards a particular common purpose. Staff take several steps to achieve main measures nothing important and things are finished.  The ability to work together in order to achieve a shared vision. It is a fuel that enables ordinary people to achieve unusual results.Team function is the desire to work together against a\scommon vision. It is a fuel that helps ordinary citizens to achieve unusual results. Collective activity in any group or entity is generally accepted as a constructive force for the success of teamwork. Teams enable people to motivate themselves and to increase the gains of community cooperation. Working with others will also make it possible for people to understand about how collaboration is important and how organisations work and to foster the culture of team performance.


Organization is a social group of people structured and managed to meet a necessity or pursue collective objectives or organization.The same purpose in particular. There are three elements in each organization: people, goals and system. The objective is generally expressed as aims. Each organization has a systematic structure which defines its members and some are managers and some are operatives. Caroline  (2008), Organization is a social entity whose aim is the deliberately-structured and preamble activity systems.Alan (2008) claimed that productivity is the rate at which an employer, company or country produces goods and the amount, produced compared with how much time, work and money is needed to produce them.

Productivity is how resources like raw materials, work, skills, equipment, land, intellectual property, managerial capacity and financial capital are combined in order to produce goods and services.


Every organization, either large or small, struggles to acquire productivity so as to achieve success and maintain a valuable image in this present world of organizational competitions and it is the wish of organizations to see the input they use (resources) and the output(goods and services produced) they have at the end.The population of workers in an organization may be very large and yet that organization achieves a very low productivity and with no improvement in their products. This could occur as a result of absence of teamwork in such organizations and if so, then there are other organizations that have teams and yet achieve little or no productivity at all. Individuals need each other to accomplish and achieve what they cannot do without each other. Today, many have forgotten the importance of teamwork in their own personal lives, and especially in the working environment, although all religious principles stressed the essential role of teamwork in achieving the best results and maintaining the rights of every human being equally through the division of tasks and tasks. The absence of teamwork and workplace strategy leads to low productivity, efficiency and creativity in the industry.


The following are the primary objective of this study:

1. To determine the impact of team work on organizational performance and productivity

2. To identify the positive effect of team work on employees

3. To identify the factors associated with team work


1. What are the impact of team work on organizational performance and productivity?

2. What are the positive effect of team work on employees?

3. What are the factors associated with team work?


The research will be of great benefit to public and private organizations as it focuses on organizational policies targeted at enhancing teamwork. The research will also benefit the general public, since it informs them about the effect of collaboration on the efficiency of the organizations. The article would also add to current corporate coordination awareness. students who would like to use the report as a guide document to carry out their own extensive essay may benefit from the study.


This purpose of this research is to ascertain the impact of team work on organizational performance and productivity. And the staffs of university of calabar teaching hospital, Calabar will be sample respondent for this study


The major limitation the researcher encountered while carrying out this research work were the issues of finance,unavailability of materials and time factor.


Team Work: Teamwork is the collaborative effort of a group to achieve a common goal or to complete a task in the most effective and efficient way. This concept is seen within the greater framework of a team, which is a group of interdependent individuals who work together towards a common goal.

Organization Performance: Organizational performance comprises the actual output or results of an organization as measured against its intended outputs (or goals and objective) According to Richard et al. (2009) organizational performance encompasses three specific areas of firm outcomes: (a) financial performance (profits, return on assets,return on investment, etc.); (b) product market performance (sales, market share, etc.); and (c) shareholder return(total shareholder return, economic value added, etc.).



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