The Place of Folklore in Contemporary African Drama: J. P. Clark's 0zidi

  • Obiora Eke, PhD Madonna University Nigeria
  • Aloy Nnamdi Obika, PhD Madonna University Nigeria
Keywords: Folklore, Contemporary Drama, African Drama, J. P. Clark, Ozidi.


Folklore is essentially oral literature and as Finnegan puts it, “Oral literature is by definition dependent on a performer who formulates it in words on a specific occasion; there is no other way in which it can be realized as a literary product” (362). Folklore is all encompassing. According to Iheakaram: Folklore can be described as the identification, in modern times, of thesurviving myths, legends, stories, riddles, proverbs, plant and animal lore, customs and unrecorded
traditions of the people. Its function is the study of the ways and sayings of the folk.