Against the Backdrop of Feminism: The Images of Men in Female-authored Novels

Keywords: Feminism, Literature, English Language, Female Authors, Female-authored Novels.


Feminism is a literary concept that agitates and demands for equal rights and justice for men and women in the society. In the words of Nnolim Charles: “Feminism, as a movement and ideology urges, in simple terms, recognition of the claims of women for equal rights with men–legal, political, economic,
social, marital, et cetera” (135). Obviously true is the fact that women in the recent past have suffered great injustice, domination, suppression and relegation from their male counterparts in a world that regards man as the symbol of power, life and authority, being the first creature whom God, Himself breathed life into and he became alive. Woman rather was made from a rib taken or rather 'stolen' from man (for this was done without his consent) and the Creator named her wo-man.
That is the biblical history for us.