Contributions of Aristophanes to Greek Comedy

A Study of The Acharnians, The Clouds and Lysistrata

  • Aloy Nnamdi Obika, Dr Madonna University Nigeria
  • Obiora Eke, Dr Madonna University Nigeria
Keywords: Aristophanes, Greek, Comedy, The Acharnians, The Clouds and Lysistrata.


Many works have been written on the Greek comic writer, Aristophanes, and despite the number of years that has elapsed when he was holding sway over the Greek theatre, his works are still being studied today. One wonders how topical his themes are and what has been holding the interest of readers all these years.
But as the Ultimate Reference Suite of Encyclopaedia Britannica puts it: It is not easy to say why his comedies still appeal to an audience almost 2,500 years after they were written. In the matter of plot construction, Aristophanes’ comedies are often loosely put together, are full of strangely inconsequential episodes, and often degenerates at their end into a series of disconnected boisterous episodes (CD Rom).