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iResearch Nigeria is a project aimed at establishing an online presence for Nigerian Institutional based journals in the fields of Management/Social Science as well as Arts/Education. iResearch Nigeria is an open system to its Open Access Journals. Registration and Subscription may be required to access some of our Journals.

iResearch Nigeria also host journals from professional bodies in Nigeria. We aim at creating a large database of Nigerian indigenous scholarly articles.

Hosted Journals


iJIM is a quaterly journal publication of  iResearch Nigeria in the field of Communication, Information Technology and Library Management


iJM is a Yearly Journal of iReseaerch Nigeria in the field of Management and Social Sciences.


Majels is a yearly journal publication of the Department of English and literary studies, Madonna University Nigeria in the field of English and Literary studies.


OAP is a collection of selected philosophical writeups by Rev. Sis. (Dr.) Purissma Egbekpalu of the department of Philosophy, Madonna Universitty Nigeria.